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Your rights to full custody as a father

Your rights to full custody as a father

It is becoming increasingly common for fathers to find themselves in a situation where getting full custody is in the best interests of their children. However, many fathers believe that the odds are stacked against them when they appeal for full custody, because they think that the courts prefer that the mother is the primary custodian.

The courts do not hold any bias when it comes to deciding whether a mother or father should be the full custodian of a child. They only seek to come to a decision that will be in the best interests of the child in question. Most often, this will be a ruling that gives each parent a 50/50 split of custody. However, if both parents want to get full custody, this is where problems can arise.

The challenges to getting full custody

If the mother is also planning to file for full custody, it is unlikely that either of you will be successful in your bid unless there is a reason to believe that one parent might be unfit. The courts will most likely decide to award joint custody unless one parent is presenting a risk to the child in some way, whether it is violence, drug or alcohol abuse or not giving the child the love and support that they need.

Your rights as a father

As a father, you have the exact same rights to be a parent as the mother does. Your best chance in gaining full custody is to show that it is in the best interests of your children.

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